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Tourist attractions

Constanța Casino

The casino is one of the first buildings erected in Constanța, shortly after the city came out of the administration of the Ottoman Empire and was no longer called Kustenge. The Casino building is a unique architectural monument in the country and abroad and is the emblem of Constanța

Port of Tomis

Tomis Port is an integral part of the city of Constanța, being an extension of the Casino seafront, through which a beautiful passage to Modern beach is made. Access to the port is easy both by car and on foot. Through the existing location and infrastructure, the Port of Tomis offers a high potential for the exploitation of nautical tourism, sports and leisure activities, constituting a shelter for sailing sports boats. The capacity of the port allows the organization of a wide range of sports activities, such as regattas, which take place over several days.

Old Town

The Old Center is a neighborhood in Constanța, adjacent to the Victoria neighborhood. It is also called the Historic Center, because in this neighborhood is concentrated all the ancient history of the city.

Ovidiu Island

Ovidiu Island is located in the middle of Lake Siutghiol. Numerous legends have been woven around this patch of earth – it is said, for example, that the Latin poet Ovid composed it during his exile in Tomis, which is unlikely and has not been proven so far. Currently, the island can be reached by boat or boat. A short and smooth walk on the lake to the island awaits you, where there is a tourist complex that also offers accommodation, but especially a rustic restaurant where mainly fish dishes are served. Of course, there is no lack of music. Ovidiu Island is a place full of greenery, in the middle of the water that should not be missed.

Constanța Dolphinarium

The Dolphinarium, inaugurated on June 1, 1972, is the first museum of its kind in the country and, at that time, in Southeast Europe. In the amphitheater with pool and in the indoor pool, demonstrations are organized with dolphins, sea lions and penguins. Dolphins Chen Chen and Ni-Ni are the new stars of the Constanta Dolphinarium, brought from China.

Telegondola Mamaia

Mamaia gondola, another attraction of the seaside, for tourists of all ages. From the height of the gondola you can admire Constanța, Mamaia resort, Lake Siutghiol and the Black Sea. You can board from two stations, the first located in the Perla Mamaia area, and the second in the Mamaia Casino area. For 8 minutes you will float above Mamaia resort, at a maximum height of 50 meters. The total length of the gondola route is 2 kilometers. The maximum degree of safety is guaranteed by the latest equipment and in accordance with international standards.

Aqua Magic

“Aqua Magic is the most modern water park on the Black Sea coast”, which covers an area of 27,200 square meters (2.7 hectares) and includes slides, swimming pools for adults and children, waterfalls, pools, restaurants, bars , fast food and souvenir shops.